Calm Point

Wearing Calm Point earwear brings calm and focus

Relaxing Just Got Easier

It's a noisy world where it is easy to get nervous and distracted. Calm Point is a tool that easily applies pressure to your ear to calm and relax your nerves.

Picture of Calm Point In Packaging

Why do "I feel better"

Calm Point puts pressure on an acupuncture point called Ear Shen Men 神門. It's a favorite point to bring tranquility to the mind and relieve stress.

Wear Calm Point anytime

No herbs or supplements. Just easy and effective relief using acupressure

Calm, Focused Relaxation

At school, work, on an airplane - or anywhere that makes you a little nervous, Calm Point can help.


The first thing that the Calm Point does for me is make me breathe. I immediately inhale deeply when I put it on and feel more aware, awake, and restored. It's also a great tool for staying calm while traveling!

– Ben W

After a C-Section, and with a 3 year-old son at home, I started waking just not feeling myself. My acupuncturist suggested trying Calm Point- my exact quote was "I think this a bit beyond Calm Point." I tried it, however, and after 3 days, I felt like myself again and began enjoying my growing family again.

– Kara J.

All the benefits of the Sterling Silver just with a little more "zip" due to the conductive properties of the copper.

It is not adjustable, so if you have a narrow or large ear, we recommend the sterling silver.


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