Calm Point

About Us

Calm Point is a product designed by an acupuncturist, Kacey Wardle, L.Ac. with the hope to bring a greater understanding of how your body, mind and spirit communicate.  To do this we promote:

Improving the Health of Your Mind and Body:

We believe

  1. Our bodies and minds can heal themselves with a little help and right action.
  2. You can feel better and think better than you do now.

This means for you that Calm Point is a tool for you to use to help calm and energize.  It is not a drug or supplement that will mask or hide anything.   It should in no way be used as a substitute for any medical advice or medications.  It helps take the edge off of your busy thinking, giving you a tool to finally communicate to your body and help it relax.

Simple and Sustainable Living:

We believe

  1. Simplicity leads to healthier minds.
  2. It helps to be good stewards of the Earth and all living beings.

This means for you that we are committed to communicating in ways that don’t waste your time or your brain power.  We desire to quiet your mind - not complicate it.  

Always Giving Back:

We believe

  1. Giving and receiving creates love beyond this reality.
  2. Everyone needs help sometimes.   

This means for you that when you buy a Calm Point, you know that up to 10% of our profits will go to relief efforts through Acupuncturists Without Borders.